How many NEW DC's will you HAVE to build to realize omnichannel success? what if the answer was 'none'?

Unless you're on the construction team wanting job security, a contractor bidding on the build, a local official trying to create jobs - or you just like zooming around huge warehouses on a forklift - chances are you don't love the idea of having to spend huge capital to build a new DC.

What if there was a way to minimize the need for new DCs, and rely on your store inventories to meet the increased demand from digital orders? Meet the truest realization of an omnichannel enterprise: store-to-site fulfillment. Whether driven by inventory availability, geography or service opportunity, fulfilling your ecomm orders from your stores fully optimizes the relationship among your selling channels.

How efficient would your organization be if you could treat all of your inventories as one - regardless of geography, class or tier?

So what's required to make it happen? Well, an integrated POS platform and integrated order management system for sure. Which one? That depends on your organization, existing systems, business readiness and a host of other factors we can help decipher. Establishing a culture of 'customer experience first' vs. 'who gets credit for the sale?' is another. How? Start with stakeholder mapping and develop processes and incentives for everyone to work together regardless of geography. Ensure senior management is fully supportive and helps drive the shift. And most importantly, enlist a team that has track record on making these changes numerous times across many partner organizations. 

Is your organization is driving toward the most integrated of omnichannel solutions? Do you want to make the most of inventories? Is customer experience an integral part of your business strategy? Is saving money? Then call us. We're motivated by each of those statements, and we'll help drive your omnichannel success.