by the VIRA Solutions team

Having access to an on-demand network of subject matter experts has never been easier. The VIRA Solutions team proudly announces our partnership with Cedona™, a think-tank focused solely on omnichannel integration and support.

Through the partnership between VIRA and Cedona, our partner brands have access to on-demand support to specific resource types based on their specific needs. This allows VIRA to identify and manage the best resources - and our partners are billed only as they utilize the resource. Which obviously is an enormous benefit over an army of consultants that are always on the clock.

The Cedona team is a mix of on-shore and offshore talent that are fully versed in systems integration, coding + application development, design architecture, testing support. Since the team is global, 24/7 support can be fully realized. Each effort is managed through a liaison closely aligned with VIRA's onsite team. This structure underpins efficiency and speed to solution, while taking full advantage of a global talent pool and cost benefits.

Cedona's US headquarters are also based in Charlotte, NC. The team here ensures cultural orientation and retail best practices are fully communicated to the global teams. VIRA Solutions is proud to call Cedona a partner in our omnichannel focus. Ask your VIRA onsite lead how your organization can benefit from this new relationship.